Baben Bandeaus

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welcome to baben' bandeaus ! go to to submit a picture you'd like to be put onto a bandeau!! I do not take credit for any of the pictures or the original bandeau, if you want to purchase one of these go to the 'buy' tab on this blog for more information.

Honestly, at the moment it’s looking like it’s never going to happen. Although I am thinking of starting up a brand thing with various clothes I make and I could include some bandeaus. Except an actual ‘Baben Bandeaus’ thing seems very unlikely, sadly. :( x

i recently got a new laptop and i haven’t installed photo shop yet, so that’s why i haven’t posted any new bandeaus in quite a while, sorry xx


i realize except i think i’m a little too young to begin this, i will most likely look into it further in the future though. x